About me

Hello future CF bride! I am Cara and it's so lovely to meet you! 

I want to live a life that is fun, beautiful and memorable all in one. Step one: resign from day job. Check. Step two: spend the first week of unemployment sleeping till 10am. Check. Step 3: Start the hustle.

So here's the quick version: I am a lover of all things light, bright and stacked full of joyful emotion! I sing strange phrases when I get excited while on a shoot and sometimes make inappropriate jokes (which I always regret later). All in the name of "Got to get that cute giggle!" 

I was knitted together with the main purpose of being of service to others. And being able to do so whilst taking truly joyful and emotion filled images? Bonus!


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Seriously, I love receiving your messages!


 Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa 



+27 (0)79 363 7672


Tammy and Francois Cover photo